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The Group Puzzle Mission

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Mission Statement Education is our mission; it is really that simple. We provide nearly free teaching materials ... read more.

Patreon Subscription Support For Our business model is to provide nearly free teaching materials ... read more.

Logic Practice? Everyone understands and encourages long hours of practice for sports, music, and many other endeavors. Logic should be no different. ... read more.

Which Book? There are two different types of Group Puzzles books available, ... read more.

When and how can teachers use Group Puzzles in structured lesson plans? Rarely, if ever. Group puzzles provide a readily available source of self-directed educational activity that can be used at any time between other activities. ... read more.

Why are so many of the daily puzzles so simple? The quick answer is "to support education." The complete answer is more complex. ... read more.

What Exactly are Group Puzzles? The short answer is that Group Puzzles are a generalization of Sudoku puzzles, just as Sudoku puzzles are a generalization of Latin Squares. The long answer requires a brief history of Sudoku puzzles. ... read more.

Help with those 'Simple Rules.' The instructions for a traditional Sudoku puzzles are simple: Place all of the elements 1 through 9 exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3 square. The beauty, as well as the challenge, of all types of group logic puzzles like Sudoku is the minimalist nature of these rules. ... read more.

Puzzle Difficulty Levels Explained. Puzzle difficulty is ranked using the number of deductive steps required to solve the puzzle. Each deductive step consists of one or more logically independent deductions of empty cell values. ... read more.

Naming New Puzzle Types. The name of a puzzle should describe its most important characteristics, ... read more.

Complete Compendium of Group Puzzle Types. This compendium of Group Puzzles types contains all currently defined puzzle types, grouped by size, and all signature puzzle types, listed alphabetically. ... read more.

What's Free and What's Not The goal is to encourage logic education and practice. This is accomplished primarily through the free daily puzzles and permitting teachers to copy and use puzzles from books in their classes, hassle-free and free of charge. This effort is supported by selling Group Puzzle books to the general public. The information below is intended to clarify the details of this goal. ... read more.

Privacy Policy for Here at we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important. ... read more.

The Group Puzzles Publishing Co. The Group Puzzles Publishing Company is a new education-oriented technology-driven publishing company. The company brings together under one roof, teaching experience that spans pre-school to college, decades of computer programming experience, and detailed knowledge of a wide range of existing publication software in order to provide teachers with effective educational materials at unprecedented prices. Like many newer ... read more.