Group Puzzle Compendium

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Signature Group Puzzles Derived from Base Types

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Sudoku Junior Puzzles See Listing

Group sizes from 3 to 6:

Puzzle sizes range from: 3x3 to 6x6

The junior Sudoku puzzle catalogue contains the smallest and simplest puzzles with group sizes ranging from 3 to 6. These puzzles are most appropriate for elementary and middle school children learning to solve group puzzles for the first time. Since puzzle difficulty drops rapidly with smaller puzzle sizes, everyone should be encouraged to move to the next size up as quickly as a particular puzzle size grows boring or uninteresting.

Intermediate Sudoku Puzzles See Listing

Group sizes from 7 to 8:

Puzzle sizes range from: 7x7 to 8x8

The intermediate Sudoku puzzle catalogue contains puzzles with group sizes larger that than the 6 that is the largest 'Junior' size puzzle, but smaller than traditional Sudoko puzzles with a group size of 9. These puzzles are most appropriate for people just learning how to work group puzzles or students in middle school and high school.

Sudoku Puzzles See Listing

Group size: 9

Puzzle size: 9x9

The Sudoku puzzle catalogue contains both traditional Sudoku puzzles, as well as several other types that also have a group size of 9 and a 9x9 grid. The puzzles types other than the traditional Sudoku puzzle are usually extensions to a traditional sudoku puzzle with additional constraint groups, such as diagonals or interior rectangles.

Sudoku-9 Quilted Puzzles See Listing

Group size: 9

Puzzle size: 21x21

The Sudoku-9 quilted puzzle catalogue consists of puzzles that are made up of several (typically five or more) traditional Sudoku-sized puzzles 'quilted together' by overlapping parts of the puzzles to make one larger puzzle. Since these puzzles still feature a group size of 9, they are not conceptually harder to solve, but do, however, take additional time to solve due to their larger size and the additional empty cells whose values must be determined. Due to the interlocked nature of the puzzles, they can take significantly more steps to solve, since the solution of one of the smaller puzzles can depend on the solution of another smaller puzzle and the overlapping shared portion of the two puzzles.

Advanced Sudoku Puzzles See Listing

Group sizes from 10 to 16:

Puzzle sizes range from: 10x10 to 16x16

The advanced Sudoku puzzle catalogue features puzzles with group sizes larger than traditional Sudoku-9 puzzles which are significantly more complex and difficult to solve. Group sizes from 10 to 16 do, however, feature a much wider variety of puzzle types for those who no longer find the puzzles with more traditional group sizes of 9 or smaller particularly challenging.

Cyborg Sudoku Puzzles See Listing

Group sizes from 22 to 36:

Puzzle sizes range from: 22x22 to 36x36

The cyborg Sudoku puzzle catalogue is so named because the puzzles featured in this catalogue are so large and complex that they warrant computer assisted solving mechanisms that are able to teach logic solving using stock programable tools and user programmable extensions (currently under development)