Mission Statement

Education is our mission; it is really that simple. We provide nearly free teaching materials for subjects that are otherwise difficult to teach. By nearly free we mean that all of the teaching materials we provide will always be free to use in the classroom, no matter who buys them. Our materials specify this directly in the copyright of each of our books and on the materials available on the website.

Permission is granted to teachers in grades K-12 to photocopy these puzzles for use in their classes. Permission is also granted for individuals to copy or print for personal use. All other rights reserved.

This means that:

Teaching logic and deduction using Group Puzzles

Like many subjects, teaching logic and deductions is mostly a matter of providing a little guidance and abundant opportunities for students to practice.

Effective practice requires high quality teaching materials, which we provide:

Everyone's Mission Now

We all now know first hand how hard teaching is. Here are some ways you can contribute:

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