When and how can teachers use Group Puzzles in structured lesson plans?

Rarely, if ever. Group puzzles provide a readily available source of self-directed educational activity that can be used at any time between other activities. Puzzle solving activity can easily be interrupted and resumed because the student records their progress on the puzzle paper itself. In fact, learning can even be enhanced by this because, when work on the puzzle is resumed, the student will likely have forgotten exactly what they were last working on and have to retrace those logical steps, re-enforcing correct deductions or providing an opportunity to discover errors. It is the thought process and practice that is important for learning deduction and logic.

Group puzzles cannot teach anything about logic and deduction if the students do not apply themselves. So, the most important thing a teacher can do is to make sure that students see them as fun and not another school chore. We have several recommendations about how to accomplish this.

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