Easy HyperEducation Group Puzzle

The grouppuzzles.com Easy HyperEducation-i23 puzzle for Wednesday December 15, 2021, suitable for printing, with all 4 steps marked

Permission is granted to teachers in grades K-12 to print and photocopy these puzzles for use in their classes. Permission is also granted for parents and individuals to print for educational and personal developement. Please share this link with friends on social media and email so they can practice as well.

Place each element of the group (E D U C A T I O N) exactly once in each row, each column, each 3x3 square, and each 3x3 inner square.

Deductive steps to solve the puzzle

The moves within each step may be done in any order.

All of the moves within a particular step must be done before all of the moves in the subsequent step can be guaranteed to be completed.

Rows are numbered top to bottom, columns from left to right, and rectangles from left to right and then top to bottom. Coordinates are (col, row). Precise details on numbering within each group are specified in the on-line instructions .

Step 1. There are 16 independent moves.

Step 2. There are 13 independent moves.

Step 3. There are 9 independent moves.

Step 4. There are 3 independent moves.

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